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Why are Free Slot Games rising in popularity with online gamers? Slot games have been around for centuries now and have always provided a fun diversion from the issues of the day.  Players can spin those reels for different reasons, but it will all come down to winning a massive jackpot or maybe even a small reward.  Either way, the diversion is why most people play free slots while others use the opportunity to try and crack the code of the program that runs the logic and potentially find that one glitch that can pay off in a big way.

What is Free Video Poker? Video poker is a single player version of the popular poker game of Texas Holdem, Omaha or Five Card Stud.  The game is played by placing a bet based on five cards that are dealt to the player.  Depending on the variation of the game, in this case, five card draw, the player can get new cards in order to build a winning hand.  

Because the deck is shuffled after each round of poker, players don't gain any advantage to trying to count cards.  This makes the game very exciting for many and frustrating for those that rely on card counting.

Patriot Game - A Look at New Gaming
The new gaming sensation online and for mobile is free slots.  From Facebook to online casinos, free slots are an entertaining diversion or a great way to test out slot games for eventual real play gaming.  Another fun use of free slots is to get ready for real, live slots play at brick and mortar casinos like those found in Las Vegas, Nevada and in the United Kingdom.

Video Games that Feature Police
A lot has changed in gaming since the 80's and 90's.  During the 90's games featured the police as the hero of the game.  Now with games like Grand Theft Auto, the criminals have become the hero of the game and the police are made to be the protaganists in the game.  We feel that this is a very negative trend and hope that the gaming industry will start to respect the image of police in their games.  

All local networks cover and report the game, and Insight produces and runs commercials before the event and broadcasts the game throughout September. This year, Insight will feature Patriot Game V on the Bob Sokoler Show on Channel 2 (runs August 23 Sept. 5).

Watch for the public service announcement, delivered by our group, on various cable channels and all local stations regarding the future of gaming.

Radio exposure covers a variety of stations such as Radio One stations well as several Clear Channel stations. 

This year, other gaming groups and gaming advocates will join the fun with pre-game entertainment and games. We will also promote the event on the air. 

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